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Cover of Change By Design

Review of “Change by Design”

My review of “Change by Design” has posted at Excerpt: At the core of design thinking is its focus on understanding people. However, corporate workshops often sprint…

Ben at Iasi Workshop

UX Basics in Iasi

I was happy to recently present a workshop on the basics of User Experience to a group of eager and bright students at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, in…

Cover of Strategic Writing for UX

Review of “Strategic Writing for UX”

My review of “Strategic Writing for UX” has published at Excerpt: Writing for the Web requires significantly more restraint, brevity, and empathy for site visitors and understanding…

Cover of How Not to Be Wrong

Review of “How Not to Be Wrong”

My review of “How Not to Be Wrong” has published at Excerpt: Although you might assume that this is a book about math, it does not include…

Cover of Innovation by Design

Review of “Innovation by Design”

My review of “Innovation by Design” has published at Excerpt: The authors of innovation by Design provide familiar, but well-researched references to prior writings on the value of design—such…

Cover of Intertwingled

Review of “Intertwingled”

My review of “Intertwingled” has posted at Excerpt: Our information experiences are part of an ecosystem. … Information is part of a system—albeit one that is largely…

Ben and Keith at WUD

The Future of UX: Regulation?

I recently gave a presentation on the prospects of regulation in the User Experience industry at the Cleveland UXPA’s World Usability Day event.

Cover of Redesigning Leadership

Review of “Redesigning Leadership”

My review of “Redesigning Leadership” has posted at Excerpt: Maeda provides insights from his career serving as a leader in a variety of settings. As Maeda’s roles…

Cover of UX Strategy

Review of “UX Strategy”

My review of “UX Strategy” has posted at Excerpt: It is at the boundaries of our profession that we encounter both conflicts and opportunities. One such borderland…

Cover of Designing Your Life

Review of “Designing Your Life”

My review of “Designing Your Life” has posted at Excerpt: UX professionals apply UX and design methods to Web sites, mobile apps, software, products, and services to…