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Cover of Factfulness

Review of “Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World and Why Things Are Better Than You Think”

My review of “Factfullness” has posted to review of “Factfullness” has posted to Excerpt: We must be mindful of the accuracy of the information we consume….

Designer's Research Manual

Review of “A Designer’s Research Manual”

My Review of “A Designer’s Research Manual” has published at Excerpt: The role of graphic designers is not just to create pretty or visually interesting artifacts but…

Review of ‘How to Get People to Do Stuff’

My review of ‘How to Get People to Do Stuff’ has posted to Excerpt: Understanding the psychological background behind decision making gives us insights into why we…

Review of ‘Think Like a Futurist’

My review of ‘Think Like a Futurist’ has posted to Excerpt: Instead of worrying about what we see, denying observable facts, or wringing our hands and wishing…

Review of ‘Information Anxiety’

My review of ‘Information Anxiety’ has published at Excerpt: I tend to think that information anxiety can explain many of the challenges we face in today’s environment….

Ben in Cluj

World Information Architecture Day in Cluj-Napoca

I recently gave a talk, “Information>Technology” at Cluj-Napoca’s inaugural World Information Architecture Day event.

Review of ‘Computers as Theatre’

My review of ‘Computers as Theatre’ has published at Excerpt: Often, there is a gap between the ways designers and engineers think about bringing an experience to…

Presentation in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I will present a new talk, Information>Technology in Cluj-Napoca as part of their first celebration of World Information Architecture Day.

Review of ‘Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures’

My review of ‘Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures’ has posted at Excerpt: The inclusion of Apple in this book serves as a warning: even…

Review of ‘Designing Voice User Interfaces’ on

My review of ‘Designing Voice User Interfaces’ has posted to Excerpt: In a voice user interface—or, more accurately, a conversation-based interface—understanding timing, call, and response is even…